Non Resident Nepali (NRN) ID card is issued by this Embassy to the Foreign Citizen of Nepali Origin and Nepali Citizen residing abroad for more than two years except in the SAARC countries. ID card for Foreign Citizen of Nepali Origin may be issued valid for ten years and ID card for Nepali Citizen residing abroad may be issued valid for two years. Please refer to NRN Act and NRN Rules below for detailed information.

Process for Applying NRN ID

  1. Submitting Online Form First
  • Visit the website:
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ and fill up your details and create your account (every applicant should have individual account)
  • Click ‘Sign In’
  • Click ‘Continue’ under “नेपाली मुलको विदेशी नागरिक”
  • Select “नेपाली राजदूतावास, Berlin, Germany”
  • Select ID Card Type; For Example, select ‘New’ if you are applying for the first time
  • Fill up all the details of numbers 1 and 2 (To fill up detail of No. 2 click ‘add’), numbers 3,4,5 are optional
  • Upload the following documents under ‘संलग्न कागजात’
  •     Around 400×300 pixel wide Passport Size Photo (Image file, no PDF)- Mandatory
  •     Signature (Sign on plain paper and make JPEG file)- Mandatory
  •      Foreign Passport and Citizenship
  •      Nepali Citizenship Certificate and Passport
  • Submit your application clicking ‘Apply for Card’ under ‘Card Request’
  • Print out your duly filled application form from ‘पूर्वावलोकन’ Section


2. After submitting Online Form, Send following document through post or in Person

  • Print out of dully filled online application
  • Copy of Nepali Citizenship Certificate
  • Copy of Nepali Passport
  • Evidence of Nepali Citizenship renunciation
  • Copy of Certificate of Naturalization
  • Copy of Foreign Citizenship Certificate
  • Copy of Foreign Passport
  • Evidence of Business/Occupation/Employment (copy of business registration certificate, appointment letter etc.)
  • Two recent  passport size photographs of the applicant
  • Postage paid self addressed envelope with tracking number (preferably signature on delivery post for safe delivery)
  • Fee: 470 Euro. Fee can be transferred three days before the visit to the Embassy. Card payment is not possible at the Embassy. However, Cash Payment is possible.

Processing Time: Around 7-10 working days once the Embassy receives the documents.


The fees paid for the service must be used within one year. Repayment will apply if service has not been rendered by any reason within a year.

Information relevant to NRNs.