Demand Letter Attestation

 Sample of Demand Letter & Related Documents (Click here)

A Set of Document Contains

1.      Demand paper

2.       Annual Quota (if applicable)

3.       Power of Attorney

4.       Sample Employment Contract

5.       Letter of Guarantee

6.       Inter-party Agreement and

7.      Others (if any)

Fees for one set of Document to hire worker from Nepal
No. of Workers Amount in Euro
1-25 265
26-100 310
More than 100 355
Amendment of demand paper 90 per document


  1. Required documents need to be arrange serially. Before registration, be sure that the submitted documents fulfill all the requirements and the positions and numbers in the demand strictly match the positions and number in the quota.
  2. Do not send documents or transfer revenue amount without prior approval of the Embassy by email.
  3. Once documents are registered and attestation fee is paid, the amount thus paid cannot be reimbursed. The Embassy reserves the right to accept or reject the submitted demand papers